National Nutrition Month: March 2018

Each March, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics organizes a theme for National Nutrition Month to bring awareness to different aspects of nutrition and its importance in living a healthy lifestyle. This year’s theme is “Go Further with Food.” You and your family can do this in several ways.

Going further with your food can apply at home, on-the-go and in the community. Some ways that to incorporate this year’s theme into your everyday life includes:
  • Choosing nutrient-dense foods, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and low-fat dairy.
  • Opting for snacks that provide sustained energy from healthy fats, protein and fiber, instead of sugary foods and beverages.
  • Supporting community agriculture by exploring local farmer’s markets for fresh, seasonal produce.
  • Reducing food waste by preparing smaller portions, planning for meals and snacks and shopping for perishable items more frequently.
  • Gathering in the kitchen to try a new recipe, prepare snacks for the week or make a list for your next trip to the grocery store.
Eating right is important, so “Go Further with Food” to make sure your food choices are working for you. Visit eatright.org to find healthy recipes, nutrition education and more information about National Nutrition Month.
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